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E’ possibile presentare contributi originali alla «Rivista Italiana di Geotecnica» contattando direttamente la Redazione e attenendosi alle istruzioni per gli autori scaricabili qui di seguito.

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The italian code of Geotechnical Engineering

Jappelli R. Valore C.


Main documents on instructions and regulations in force in Italy in the held ol Geotechnical Engineering are

briefly presented. Detailed information on the main code edited in 1981 by the Ministry of Public Works of the italian Go-

vernment is given. Regulated by law are design, construction and control of foundations, retaining walls, earth embank-

nients and fills, underground constructions, natural slopes and excavations, soil improvement methods, environmental

geotechnics, including the effect of pumping from the subsoil.

For each type ol construction, the provisions that must be complied with throughout the Italian territory, prescribe site

and laboratory investigations, geotechnical computations, controls by testing and instrumentation, geotechnical reports,

that should be included in design documentation. ln some cases minimum recommended values of safety factors are

specified. Observational approach is implicitly accepted.

The prescriptions are rather flexible in order to give the maximum responsibility to the designer in the assumption

of fundamental hypotheses and correspondingly in the selection ol computational methods.

Attention is repeatedly called on the necessity of extending investigations, computations and controls throughout the

various phases of the work, taking into due account the effects of the possible differences between forecasts and actual observations.

On account of the great variety ot geotechnical situations and ol the properties of Italian soils and rocks the introduction

of a rigid code does not seem appropriate.

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