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TC301 Collection of contributions

SIMSG ISSMGE ISSMGE Technical Committee TC 301
Preservation of Monuments and Historic Sites

Technical Committee on Preservation of Monuments and Historic Sites was established by the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering in 1981 and was named TC19 up to 2010, when all the technical committees of the International Society were renamed. Now it is TC301, being the first of a group of Technical Committees related to the impact of Geotechnical Engineering on the society.

TC301 is intended to provide a forum for interchange of ideas and discussion, collecting case histories and promoting and diffusing within the geotechnical community a culture of conservation. More specifically, it focuses on geotechnical factors affecting historic sites, monuments and cities. The TC has the goal to search for design criteria and construction methods employed by our ancestors, reporting on specific techniques adopted to preserve ancient sites and constructions. TC301 should also selectspecial requirements and constraints to be considered in any rehabilitation intervention on monuments in order to preserve their of cultural and historical integrity.

TC301 has been chaired in the past by profs: Kerisel (France, 1981-1984), Croce (Italy, 1985-1989), Jappelli (Italy, 1990-1994), Viggiani (Italy, 1995-1999; 1999-2003). It is now chaired by prof. Viggiani, with prof. Iwaski as vice chair.

The Committee has set up the terms of reference for the period 2010-2013. Among them, the collection of case histories and existing codes and recommendations, as well as the compilation of arelevant bibliography have been explicitly mentioned. Following these terms of reference, a dedicated page on the website of the Italian Geotechnical Society, the hosting society for the period 20010-2013, has now been started.

The page is intended to provide a specific virtual library on the geotechnical aspects of preservation of monuments and historic sites, in the form of a collection of publications freely available on the Internet. Anybody having experience on the topics related to TC301 can submit a contribution, possibly in the form of a published paper or work. All submitted contributions will be checked and then a list of the pertinent references will be available on the web, with a link to the web page where they are available for download.

TC301 strongly invites its members and all interested persons to contribute to this virtual library. The final goal of issuing guidelines on the preservation of monuments and historic sites will take advantage of shared experiences, considering different technical problems and cultural habits around the world.

TC301 chair
prof. Carlo Viggiani